Blissful Oblivion lyrics

No, I haven’t forgotten all my creativity in the wake of taking on a completely left-brained job. I think I cracked the code for Blissful Oblivion’s lyrics.

In the wake of Blissful Oblivion getting a bunch of likes on Radio Airplay, I knew I had to tread very carefully. I didn’t want to do this beautiful, pure melody injustice by turning it into a sappy love song. The spirit of the song had to remain intact.

I’ve had about 75% of the chorus written for as long as I can remember-

“If only earth could speak
And tell us of the great mystique
Then we could learn to fly
Through all life’s mysteries, you and I”

I don’t recall ever thinking about it much. The words just sort of seemed to make sense whenever I sang the song in my head. The really difficult part, however, was the last two lines. After “you and I,” the shifts down for three beats and then swerves back upwards for one last climax. The shift is three syllables (or it could plausibly be two), and the climax is six syllables.

Obviously, the phrase “Blissful Oblivion” is itself six syllables. I couldn’t use that for the climax, though, counter intuitive though it may seem. The stress and phrasing isn’t quite right, and the final syllable starts on a soft vowel, which undermines the percussive last note of the musical phrase. I struggled for a very long time to come up with something that made sense.

Today it came to me.

“Bliss away
And bliss for all our days.”

As I was banging my head against the finer points of RTX64-programming, it came to me, and from that the rest of the song’s words came to life as well. I’ll probably need to go back and tweak a word here or there, but the meat of the song is done.

You can check it out in the Lyric Sheets section of the site.

Now I just have to orchestrate the whole thing and hope I don’t screw that up too…