Joseph’s Story, part 6


Continued from the previous post.

Turns out that turning alcohol into water, while a wonderful trick and terribly biblical, does not endear you to too many people when you do it in a bar.

It was thus that Joseph’s latest trick found him on the shoulders of the townspeople – but instead of basking him in glory, they dragged him to the stake to burn for his sins. As Joseph’s partner in crime, Billy was taken along as well – as he was too fat to carry, however, he was merely trundled up and made to roll along the ground like a ball.

The mob found themselves in a quarry, for usually when burning people at the stake they would light the fire, throw a barrel of booze on it, and gleefully watch it explode; attempts to do so with a barrel of what was now water merely extinguished the flame. While they debated over what ever they would do about their conundrum, a dashing figure in a tuxedo swept in and changed the course of history forever.

As usual, this is part of a series illustrating Joseph’s bio, which you can read in the Character Profiles section under the Chronicles of Dirschbowder tab of the website.

If you’re too lazy to scroll up and find the link, then here you go.

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