The Story of Miles, part 2


Continued from the previous post.

“And to what do I owe this pleasure at this time of night?” the President Leaf asked of his oldest friend, his same cheerful smile on his innocent homely face.

General Cell was not smiling, however. He didn’t seem happy at all. In fact, his manner was quite perplexing. It seemed… more forceful than Leaf was used to, and yet hesitant.

Leaf frowned. “General?”

The general shook his head and raised a gun. “I’m sorry, old friend,” he answered, pointing the weapon towards the president. “It’s our turn now.”

Leaf opened his mouth to say something, but the words never came. He never heard the gun fire, never felt the bullet hit him in the chest, never felt the floor as it rushed up to meet him.

But he could see the eyes of his old friend. He could see the hate there, and the greed. As the life rushed from his body, as his bright eyes dimmed and the innocent, boyish face drooped, he could only think of one question.

Why? the once-happy leader thought sadly. Why, why?


As usual, this is another installment a series of cartoons detailing Miles Dirschbowder’s life story before he became caught up in the Fight for the Greater Good, which you can read more about in the Character Profiles section under the Chronicles of Dirschbowder tab at the top of the website.

If you’re too lazy to scroll up and click the link, then here you go.

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