The Story of Miles, part 3

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Continued from the previous post.

The insurgents had terribly miscalculated; they had accidentally killed the president’s clone, who was so completely top-secret that not even General Cell knew about him. The real Leaf came through his office later that night, whistling a jaunty tune that was rather unceremoniously ended when he saw his own dead face looking back at him. Realizing what had happened, the frightened president adopted a disguise and ran for his life.


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Brokenhearted by the betrayal of his friends, the little man wandered aimlessly through the night, the raindrops and tears alike running off the tip of his nose. He made a decision there, in the stormy remnants of the land of Dirschbowder. He would take it upon himself to fight for the Greater Good. He would seek out evil and ensure that nobody would ever be hurt as he had been.

President Leaf was dead. It was time to make a name for himself as Miles Dirschbowder.


As usual, this is another installment a series of cartoons detailing Miles Dirschbowder’s life story before he became caught up in the Fight for the Greater Good, which you can read more about in the Character Profiles section under the Chronicles of Dirschbowder tab at the top of the website.

If you’re too lazy to scroll up and click the link, then here you go.


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