This I Love

Shaking it up a bit with Guns n Roses. Axl Rose may be somewhat insane but he’s a hell of a songwriter, and this is easily my favorite off Chinese Democracy.

Again I think I might have rushed it a little bit (I only attempted two serious takes after not much practice) and didn’t quite achieve the majestic final chorus that I was going for. I also had no idea what I was doing in the midsection (suddenly realizing after the second chorus that I had no idea how the middle bit actually went) and so, naturally, improvised.

As usual, this is part of the “Month Challenge” where for the month of May 2015 I will be covering as many songs as I can.

Red River Valley

So Red River Valley is one that I’ve sung many times before, but always with a guitar, never on a piano. I was messing around with my keyboard and selected “vibes” instead of “piano” and, well… this was the result. I thought it sounded pretty cool – as though the song was being played out of a music box, as a lullaby.

As usual, this is part of the “Month Challenge” where for the month of May 2015 I will be covering as many songs as I can.

Update on Blissful Oblivion

On Sunday I was granted solo access to the studio for the first time. I spent much of that time familiarizing myself with the controls and layout of the place (i.e. banging my head against the wall and sobbing, “HOW DOES THIS WORK?!”), but part of that process included practice setting up a mic and recording a sound.

While I was at it, I recorded some of Blissful Oblivion’s lines. Unfortunately, due to certain limitations I wasn’t able to sing along to a track, and instead had to guess at the notes. This turned out interestingly for the first couple verses and choruses, but worked surprisingly well for the final chorus, which I’ve uploaded here.

It’ll be easier next time. Hopefully after then I’ll have the female vocals too.

My Heart Will Go On

A late update this week. Had some software problems for the past few days, plus, you know… the weekend.

The good news is, the final version of Blissful Oblivion is getting closer to completion and that makes me feel all fuzzy inside.

This one I’ve had done for a few days now, but, eh. Technology. This weekend I discovered why I’ll never be a true techie: after being granted solo access to the studio for an afternoon and getting very excited, I took the first earth-shattering step of turning on the computer. I hit the ON button; absolutely nothing happened. I hit it again, hopefully. It stayed resolutely silent and dark. “Welp,” I said.

This is My Heart Will Go On, which you may know from the 1997 movie Titanic, one of the greatest movies ever made. If you don’t love Titanic, then we can’t be friends. Yes, I’m a romantic. Not sorry about it.

I cheated a bit with this one because I’ve had cause to play part of it before, but only half, and anyway I’d had to learn it on the way from the kitchen to the living room because some kid wanted to sing it and assumed I knew how, so I’m pleading exception.

As usual, this is part of the “Month Challenge” where for the month of May 2015 I will be covering as many songs as I can.

Dearly Beloved

Dearly Beloved, from the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack. Always loved this song. It’s so calm and peaceful, but powerful at the same time.

There’s a lot you can do with this song, instrumentally speaking. The melody lends itself well to a slow, sweet style, or a powerful power-chord arrangement, or arpeggiated variations. I tried to put in as many as I could. Some, I pulled off better than others. The last bit is one I came up with randomly.

This one deserved a lot more time than what I gave it, and even this final version isn’t the greatest. I rushed some notes, missed a couple others, and messed up a couple transitions. I don’t know, usually improvising over a base melody and varying it is one of my biggest strengths, but once the record light is on I suddenly lose all composure.

I’ll doubtless revisit this in time.