Crush remix

Next on the remix docket was Crush, a song I’d never been happy with for a variety of reasons. By all rights, I should have cut this song from the album long ago and consigned it to oblivion, but I couldn’t. It meant too much to me.

So yeah, I remixed it using what I’d recorded at Michigan. The middle section has always given me grief because it’s an orchestration of virtual instruments that was always meant to be played back when (if) I ever played the song live. I don’t remember which instruments I used originally and of course I didn’t make notes of it at the time, and I can’t just splice in the original 2010 version because clever old me had to bring it up a whole step when I re-recorded it. I could use the version I made at Michigan, but I never liked that version anyway.

This is a whole bunch of words to say that here’s the first two-thirds of the song, remixed. I should probably re-do the midsection at some point.


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