During my year at Grand Valley State, my final senior project was to assemble an ensemble and have them play about 30 minutes of music that I had written.  One of those songs was Elsewhere, a relaxed Last of the Mohicans-esque soundtrack style bit.  I’d been working with writing shorter and shorter pieces of about a minute long- ones that would just establish a mood or setting- and Elsewhere was composed in that vein.

It was also the first to receive the Cinesamples treatment, which couldn’t have turned out better.  The biggest difference between this version and the original are the dynamics.  Cinestrings allow a lot of dynamic freedom with the strings, which you hear in Elsewhere within the first three seconds.  Honestly, this was the piece that got me really excited for the rest of them.

So here it is.

And, just for comparison, here’s the original. Yup.


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