Somewhere You Long to Be

This one started out as a minute piece, and then I extended it into one four times that size.  You can hear the exact moment in time where the original minute piece ends and the rest of it begins (at 1:17).

So this one turned out to be an exercise in CPU management.  I used the full Cinesymphony instrumentation (all strings, winds, brass, and percussion) and the load on my computer was crazy.  I wound up having to do the song in four different project files, and then splicing them together at the end.

It was a lot of fun trying out a bigger, cinematic sound with the drums and brass in the middle section.  All previous attempts at something like this had failed horrendously, and this was really the first time I’d listened to something I’d written of that sort and not cringed.


As usual, I had an older demo of this song with my old sound library. Check out the differences and see what I mean.


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