Empty Mug Release Show

Well, theoretically we know how to pose for a picture.

Well, theoretically we know how to pose for a picture.

The show was a success. My first day as a techie turned out to be just fine. Thanks to everyone who participated and helped out, you all were great.

Home workings, April 15 – Empty Mug

For the first time I get to update you on my “out-of-studio” workings.

Quick background: this semester I helped found a student-run record label called Empty Mug, dedicated to producing compilation albums of student works. I’ve posted a number of times here about recording Pastel Ink with Dan Rodak. His ended up being the only song we re-recorded – we originally planned to re-record “Blackberry Patch” by Jonathan Lucas as well, but unfortunately Jonathan fell sick the day we planned to record.

For everyone else, we ended up using the demos originally sent us.

Well, mostly. This is where I come in.

I “mastered” all of the tracks given to me (by which I mean I tinkered around with compression, bass and treble, and other tidbits), and then organized them all, giving them each a track number and credits and suchlike, bundling them all into one album, The First Sessions, produced by Empty Mug. It all feels rather official.

Some notes: some songs were easier to master than others. Jonathan Lucas is a guy who knows what he’s doing in the studio and his demo arrived very well-done. I barely had to do anything to it. For some of the others I only had to clip the beginning and end, remove some excess noise and static, and do a fadeout.

The hardest one to do was Paris. The “s” and “t” sounds came through very strongly in the demo, and normal compression didn’t fix it, so I had to manually go through the song, highlight every utterance of “s” or “t”, and normalize it to a lower value. That wasn’t too hard to do but it was somewhat time-consuming, especially given the fact that I was doing all of this in the hour before I was to present it to the rest of the label.

I’d post the Youtube links but I’d rather just direct you to our label site, which can be found here:
And a bandcamp page the address for which I don’t actually know yet. I’ll post it, and the songs themselves, later.

Release show in two days! Pretty exciting.